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This unique exchange company is a legitimate alternative for those looking to pursue a timeshare exchange without the weight of a contract or formal membership.

We suggest visiting their website to see if their trading strategy would work for you.

You’ll love our low fees, simple approach to timeshare exchange, and legendary personal service.

Search, hold, book and confirm instantly, and you don’t have to wade through a set of complex rules to conduct a transaction with us.

Membership is free and transaction fees are not charged until your exchange is confirmed.

Extend your vacations with our low cost Rentals, heavily discounted Bonus Weeks and 7Across non-timeshare resorts - you can even book unlimited low cost vacations for family and friends with no guest certificate fees and no exchange needed.

We invite you to take the 7Across Satisfaction Challenge. Place a Request and let us find you the vacation you really want - no fee, no catch - and we won’t even ask you to deposit your week until we deliver!"


Toll Free:

1 800 468 1799

 (within USA & Canada)


+1 602 516 7680

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